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Data Conversion Services

IndRuss provides data conversion services to large organizations for any volume of data or information. It is vital for any kind of institution to store and maintain their required data. It is also tedious process for them to maintain the bulky records which results in complexity in storage, multiple data formats and complexity in preserving the records.

We are providing the data conversion services which translate the data from old system into a new database. The Data conversion ranges from simple one for one import or complex procedure which means the data to be imported, validated, cleansed and to be split into multiple tables. We follow the exact formatting needs through various multi level processes.

We Offer the following Data Conversion Services :

Document Conversion : Document conversion includes converting the document in any format to the desired format. This includes XML, SGML, HTML conversions

XML Conversion : The XML conversion is converting the documents into XML. It includes text to XML, HTML to XML, PDF to XML, Word to XML, Excel to XML.

SGML Conversion : Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) conversion helps large, complex businesses such as government agencies, online information providers and large corporations.

HTML Conversion : The formatted content is converted into HTML format for delivery via the internet. HTML conversion is specially to support the organizations for improving the document management.

Catalog Conversion : Catalog conversion is converting the paper catalogs to online and updating online catalogs and creating web based catalogs.

Book Conversion : Book conversion is converting the hardcopy of printed books and manuscripts into editable electronic files. Hardcopy Books are converted into E-books, E-brochures, E-journals and E-research papers.

PDF Conversion : PDF Conversion is converting the documents into compact and searchable PDF files. PDF conversion includes Paper to PDF, TIFF to PDF, MICROFILM to PDF, POSTSCRIPT to PDF, GIF to PDF.

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