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IndRuss provides specialist Macromedia Flash™ & Shockwave™ localization solutions for rich media web sites and multimedia presentations. Our specialist terminologies and translators deliver accurate translations in all commercial languages.

IndRuss makes the localization process easy. We work with your original flash (.fla) & shockwave (.sbl) files to extract the text before translating and localizing the published movie file (.swf). We offer guidance and advice at all stages of your project, ensuring a successful delivery of your localized source files, on time and within budget.

Put simply, we will localize all of the components needed to create foreign language versions of your website, multimedia product or elearning project - resource files, graphical user interfaces, help's, user guides, static and animated graphics, icons, and audio. Our project managers, translation teams, software engineers and graphics specialists all have proven knowledge of the rich media localization process.

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