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For many multinational companies, the Internet is critical to doing business in the US and abroad. A Web site is no longer simply an on-line billboard, but has evolved into a critical part of a company's overall image and marketing strategy. Today's Web site allows a company to have dialog directly with its consumers, while facilitating commerce. At the same time, the Web also makes possible the instant dissemination of internal corporate communications and operational procedures. In fact, for some, the Web constitutes their entire business. Because this new medium has become so mission-critical for nearly every business, IndRuss brings its linguistic, cultural and technical resources to the process of localizing Web content for use in any of the world's markets.

For Web site translation, IndRuss is truly multilingual in two respects: in terms of the software and programming languages used in creating dynamic Web applications, and in terms of the 250 international languages supported by IndRuss. In terms of the technology involved, IndRuss engineers are proficient with everything from HTML programming, elaborate Javascript applications, database integration, Active Server Pages, Web-based animation programs, and more.

IndRuss offers speed and efficiency in its Web localization projects by working directly with pages and images as they appear on the Web. Our programmers download the pages for translation and deliver the modified pages to the client with directory links preserved for instant functionality in each target language. IndRuss's goal is to help you leverage your Web investments by bringing their full creative impact to new audiences in their native tongues, and with regard to their cultural differences. By mixing technology with linguistics, IndRuss's Web localization services quickly and efficiently support our clients in entering new markets.

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