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Web Based Application Development software to real-world problems require leading technology and an expert team. IndRuss application development team provides both, offering software development services to corporations worldwide, including algorithms design and offshore software development for enterprise and B2B custom support. IndRuss is an web and application development company focused on creating custom software and laying special emphasis on the unique business needs of its corporate clients. IndRussís infrastructure and processes are concentrated at designing and implementing solutions for mid-sized companies. We are experts in implementing all sorts of customer wishes to any of our products. At that in the majority of cases the works are performed by programmers having been directly involved in the application development. As a result of such an approach, the working speed and quality of the software rise quite substantially. From application development, software design and architecture, to prototyping, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance and enhancements, put Pilot Group's experts to work when and where you need them most. IndRuss has plenty of talented experts capable of working on complex projects. The IndRuss application development team is fully capable to provide our clients with the most advanced software solutions. We are always open for cooperation and happy to offer you high-quality services in software design, development and testing. We are prepared to propose projects staffed by a blend of local computer scientists, programmers, mathematicians and designers. We provide our customers with a application development process, which meets the international standards of software planning, management and quality assurance. We unendingly keep track of the latest technological changes and improvements. We deploy the most advanced application development tools. And we continue to learn and grow as a team and individuals.

We are experienced in

1New Product Development
2Enhance and Relaunch Software Products
3Upgrade and Integrate acquired software products
4Enhance software to next generation Application Service Provider or Web Services Framework
5Strategy Development
6Web Design
7Web Programming
8Database Integration
9Flash Animation, Action script programming, Database Integration
10Content Creation: Copy, Images, Graphics, Animation, Technical Illustration
11Regular Site Administration & Maintenance
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