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Distributed Applications
Complete flexibility for storing and securing data

Ours is a knowledge based world. Client/Server applications help you to process, input, store and access data efficiently. The E-business world is powered by this very freedom of accessing, storing and processing data, anyplace and anytime- with complete security.

Client/Server applications give safe, fast access to your services

Today we are not limited to geographical boundaries when it comes to profitable marketplaces. Today you can exploit the rich opportunities available in the wired e-com world to sell products and services online.
The need of the hour for your customers and suppliers is data access that is fast, reliable and secure. For your business, the focus is having systems that are scalable, flexible, robust and easily maintained. Our Client/Server applications aim to satisfy both you and your customers.

Architecture of our Client/Server Applications

We use multi-tiered (n-Tier) architectures like J2EE and .net / Windows DNA. These make for greater efficiency in web computing, faster time to market and real interoperability across platforms. Other advantages of Client/Server applications are easy scalability, decreasing complexity; independence of language, tools and hardware and a reduced cost of ownership.
For distributed applications development, we use component technologies like COM and DCOM.

Areas of expertise in client server applications

4Human resource management
5Inventory and assets management
6Planning Procurement and ordering
8Sales and marketing
9Workflow and messaging
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