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In recent years, the international growth of software markets has consistently exceeded domestic growth. In fact, it has become commonplace for software companies to report international sales comprising a majority of their total sales. One key factor contributing to this growth is software localization, the linguistic and cultural adaptation of software, documentation and packaging to accommodate the requirements of specific international markets.

In any localization project, it is crucial that the localization company understands the software product. At IndRuss, we understand that our most important asset is our staff, a coordinated team of translators, editors, internationalization engineers and quality assurance technicians who handle the full gamut of language conversion issues. IndRuss also coordinates closely with each client's localization manager, software engineers, foreign market reviewers and technical writing staff to ensure:

  • Accurate and consistent multilingual terminology across software and hardware platforms: Internationalized software, documentation and packaging provide a solid foundation for localization by anticipating culturally-dependent attributes such as date, time, currency, sorting order and an increase in word count for most languages. Internationalized documentation and packaging strive for concise, unambiguous, culturally-neutral text, sounds and images.

  • Efficient translation and adaptation of the software user interface, documentation and packaging: IndRuss uses a comprehensive glossary, the foundation for localization, to ensure that terminology is consistent across the user interface, on-line help, documentation and packaging. IndRuss uses localization tools to assist in building glossaries, managing files and translation, as well as for quick comparisons of new versions to the older version to ensure consistency, functionality and overall quality.

  • Verification of localized versions through rigorous quality assurance procedures in coordination with the customer's product development and foreign office staff. Software, help, documentation and packaging localization are synchronized, with frequent cross-checks for consistency and accuracy. Review is scheduled frequently during the localization process and is a cooperative effort between the IndRuss team and the client's team.

IndRuss has programmers available to work with nearly any programming language and/or utility, and can take on as much or as little of a localization project as necessary given the client's in-house programming resources.

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