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If you aim to stay in the game, it's important to recognize and respond to the ever-increasing surge of multilingual email. With a 67% global increase in the number of mailboxes last year, email has been hailed as the most frequently used and accessible method of communication on the Internet. This fast, efficient medium gives you the ability to communicate with customers, corporate partners and colleagues around the globe. However, its advantages and opportunities cannot be realized if language barriers stand in your way.

Break the Language Barriers

IndRuss gives you the power to communicate via email in the languages spoken by 90% of Internet users. With over 50% of web users speaking a native language other than English, it makes good business sense to cater for this huge portion of the global market (Global Reach).

Why email translation is vital?

  • Consumers from International markets are more likely to do business with you if you can communicate in their language.
  • Customers are up to 4 times more likely to purchase from you if your marketing material is in their native language.
  • Over 50% of Internet users prefer to speak a language other than English.
  • The total number of electronic mailboxes in the world at the end of last year (2000) was 891.1 million, up 67 percent from 1999, and over 451 million of the total for 2000 were outside the US

Every company faces yearly high costs in terms of advertising. With a web page, you'll be available for your customers 24/7. IndRuss offer these specialized web development and Translation skills and have experience building websites in English and Russian.

Prepare for the Globe Market
Website translation is one of the most cost-effective methods used today to reach international markets. While it is true that English is one of the most prevalent second languages, and people in many lands read and understand English, cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings that interfere with your message. Also, people feel more comfortable buying your products and services if you speak to them in their own language. Just think about how convenient it is for them!
Many companies and organizations have already realized the benefits of translating their websites, partly or entirely. While we recommend the translation of the entire website, you may decide to translate only core pages on which you highlight your international offerings. Choosing key pages to translate may be an alternative solution that suits your needs.

Language Filters
As a rule, people prefer search results in the languages they know. However, searchers in different countries have different preferences. For example, in a Scandinavian country like Sweden where many residents are fluent in English, people are as likely to conduct their searches in English as in Swedish. But in countries like Russia where English is spoken less often, most searchers want results limited to their native language.
Our task is to make sure that search engines know the language of your page. If your page is not correctly identified, you could be losing valuable referrals because the page will be missing from searches that should have included it.

Our Website translation services cover everything from simple web translation through to complex transaction / e-commerce sites, legal translation, technical documents, user guides and brochures.
We aim to establish long-term customer relationships based on trust and a commitment to produce best web design and web development.

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